September was hard with looming tropical storms and devastating hurricanes threating my home and studio.  It all was okay for us in the end but lost a lot of time working. 

Potheads have a very busy season ahead.  We just finished with Shampooch and it was an absolute blast.  Love helping little doggies, getting to pet them all day.  

Lots goign on in October, I have a event every weekend.  DeLand Indie Market is on the first of October and I will be launching a new product, that I am very excited about. And for the Spooky Season I have made several spooky clown Potheads, scary teddies, chtulhu's, weeping angels animals in costume etc. You can find those Potheads at Zombietoberfest in Audubon Park October 7th, Will's A Faire at Will's Pub October 15th and Central Illinois Vegfest October 28th.