The summer in Florida is a very difficult time, it's super sunny and super hot.  Last year I tried to do a market and it was mildly successful.  It was indoors and air conditioned but it was still extremely hot and almost unbearable. I have done some markets this summer but mostly I'm leaving it as a production time.  Working inside and making a lot of Potheads for the busy season. 

I was asked earlier this year to put some Potheads in the Morean Art Center Store Gallery.  I finally had the pleasure of delivering those this week.  I worked really hard on some unique pieces and I'm excited to see how they do there.  Again it is the summer, so I'm sure it will pick up as it goes along.  

Second Saturdays Art Walk, I plan to be in my studio for all of them the rest of the year.  I have a brand new space and I've done it all up for entertaining.  I'll have light refreshments and plenty of potheads to choose from,  they make one of kind gifts.  

I'm working very hard to put some more potheads on my etsy shop and website.  I hope to establish some kind of routine with that but we will see how it works out.  

Restocking my other retail.  You can find Potheads by Amber at the Morean, Brick Street Clay Studio and Woof Orlando.  Woof Orlando will be getting their New Potheads later this week.  Very excited to give them some fresh product. 

I'm trying a few things with my creativity.  First Ever Fridays, which will be more posting on instagram something I've made for the first time.  So far I've had a deer and a dodo bird.  Theres a long list for me to complete so that will be some fun.  I'm also doing a few different series, one being Dr. Who.  I'm just continuing with the Weeping Angel, the Empty Child, a few of the Clockwork Droids, the 13th Doctor . . . and more surprises to come.  

Always check instagram to see the new work as it rolls out.  I have a lot of things in the coming months.  Look out for me here:

The Nook at Brick Street Clay Studio, St. Pete August 11th

Tampa Indie Flea at Armature Works,  August 19th

St. Pete Indie Market, September 1st

The Nook at Brick Street Clay Studio, St. Pete September 8th

Tampa Indie Flea at Armature Works, September 16th

The Made Fest in Urbana Illinois September 28th and 29th

**will not be at the October Second Saturday Art Walk**

Gainsville Indie Flea Market, October 14th

More details to come.