After a busy and wonderful Holiday season I took a week off of pothead making to sit around and do nothing.  It worked out well because I got quite sick almost immediately after my last market of the year.  

This was my first week back in wet clay and also of the new year.   I threw some mugs and made special Potheads for Localtopia, a market in St. Pete coming up in February.  It will be my first market of the year and I heard it's a large one.  

I dropped all the wet work off at the studio tonight.  I can't wait to get started on the work for week two.  I'll be heavy into wet clay for the next week saving the painting and black washing for the end of the month.  It's easier to rush those firings than the first firing because wetness in the clay heating up too fast can cause explosions. 

Keeping up this blog for Potheads is one of my goals.  Check back weekly for all your pothead news!