Potheads are celebrating our 3rd birthday today!  I feel very lucky to have made it to this point.  Potheads have evolved over the last three years and I've become a much better sculptor.  I've become better at a lot of things, trying to run this little business.  Artist/Vendor is a difficult job because we are so connected to our products.  Every compliment and "like" warms my heart and helps me get through the tough times.   Currently I struggle to make this a business that I can earn a living, but there is so much potential.  I have so much room to improve!! Seems like I'm putting myself down, but I am excited to be better, to grow and learn.  


I will be trying a lot of new things this year, focusing on online sales and bringing Potheads to new audiences.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here.  This is truely my most favorite job.