Hello, My name is Amber and I make Potheads.  I have been working as a ceramic artist for 7 years now with some experience in college prior to that.  More than half of that time I worked consecutively as a Children's clay teacher.  I focused on making functional pottery, mugs, plates, bowls, pitchers etc.  I sold these at Art Fairs in Chicago for a number of years and it was all just okay.  There are a lot of functional Potters in the world.  

After a while I joined the Kids Program and started helping out.  I quickly picked up on some sculptural techniques and was really good at breaking down the building process and creativity sprung out of me.  They were just silly things that I made and I never took them seriously.  

After several years of practicing I came up with Potheads, they were an idea for a Christmas Present that didn't quite come to frutrition.  Not yet a year old and we are doing pretty well.  I've been slowly fining tuning all the aspects of my little guys.