Potheads By Amber turned One this January, a very exciting time.  I looked back on all my first generation Potheads and even paid some homage to old characters.  What started out as me wanting to make a small Christmas Present has turned into a whole new way of life.  Seriously the funniest thing I've ever made.  

I have set a number of goals for Potheads By Amber to achieve.  The first one being New Potheads posted to my website and Etsy the First of the month starting in February.  I want it to be a regular thing so everyone who is interested knows when to look for the new pieces.  

I'm going to be better about custom orders.  In the past people have said oh I would like one like " . . .  something"  and then I make it and they don't actually want it or they want it and I don't actually make it.  I'm going to limit my number of custom orders to five a month and try and get them out as quickly as possible.  To place a custom order, please email me at Potheadsbyamber@gmail.com.  I do not make copies but I can make Potheads from inspriational photos, if you have any to send me.  When I make them they will be in my style, and you will have the option to buy or not buy after seeing them.  If yes, they will be placed on my website reserved under your name and you have three days to purchase.  

More post to this blog of mine are coming!  I plan on sharing more of my process and the process of building a small business. 

Thanks for your support and interest!  I appreciate it as always.